Dwight Smith

Age: 44

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Brown

Address: 67 Marshland Street, Twinbrook, MA

Occupation: Financial Analyst for Aperture Science Laboratories

Boss: James Hardy

Annual Income: $98,000

Spouse: Anne Smith (divorce pending)

Hobbies: Camping, Fishing, Sailing, Hiking

Sources of SuspicionEdit

Keep these anecdotes in mind while reviewing the information gathered.

The WifeEdit

Three days prior to the discovery of Dwight's body, it was revealed that Anne Smith was having an affair with a man named Tom Warsby. When Dwight Smith found out, he filed for divorce. However, he had not yet removed Anne as the primary beneficiary to his life insurance, which is worth $250,000. Could Dwight's death be the result of an incentive for monetary gain? Or could it be the result of a vengeful ex-wife?

It should be noted that Anne Smith has blond hair and blue eyes. One fake nail is missing. Tom Warsby has red hair and green eyes.

The JobEdit

Dwight was a financial analyst for Aperture Science Laboratories. However, Dwight began to question some of the practices that went on behind closed doors. Upon discovering some shoddy science techniques, he threatened to take his superiors to the police. He could be kept quiet though... for a price. Could Dwight's death resulted from blackmailing the wrong people?

It should be noted that James Hardy has gray hair and brown eyes.

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