Location of where the body was found


The body was found on the banks of a shallow pond located in Faron Woods. The water was about 9 inches deep where the body was discovered.


The shoreline of the pond was very rocky. One large rock had a bloodstain. The blood matched that of the victim. There were no signs of struggle in this area.

Wooded Area

A tent was found about 10 yards away from where the body was discovered. The contents of the tent revealed one sleeping bag, one lantern, a wallet containing identification of the deceased, six protein bars, a pack of matches, one fishing pole and bait, and one canteen filled with spring water. Outside the tent was one folding chair near what looked like the remnants of a bonfire.

Hiking Path

About 30 yards south of the pond is a small rocky path, well known to hikers. The dirt and rocks seem to have been moved around. Several strands of hair have been gathered: three short white hairs, two long blond hairs, one short black hair, and one short red hair. In this area is a gap in the ground, about 18 centimeters in diameter, as if something has recently been removed.

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